River Valley Community College is proud of our commitment to student safety. All of the campus safety policies can be found online in the Student Handbook. We work hard to make sure all students feel safe and and secure at each location.

River Valley strongly encourages all students, employees, and community members to report incidents to campus safety via our tracking system. You can access this form by clicking the button below.

Annual Safety Report

At River Valley, we publicly disclose all crimes in our Annual Security Report.

Questions about this report can be directed to Associate Vice President Maureen Znoj 603-717-5143.

River Valley Community College encourages members of our community to download uSafeUS®, a free and confidential app that helps protect yourself and your community – both on and off-campus. Whenever something feels “off” about a situation you’re in, uSafeUS® is always there to help:

  • Fake a call or text to make a smooth exit from an uncomfortable situation
  • Notify friends when you’re walking alone 
  • Quick links to support and answers to your questions about sexual assault, relationship violence, & stalking.

Download the app at App Store or Google Play.  Select RVCC  as your campus, and become familiar with the uSafeUS® tools and resources available 24/7 wherever you may go.